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Before sleeping, swimming, or exercise brush thoroughly between each row before putting your hair in two big braids. We suggest washing the hair twice a week or more. For long, and curly hair use a combination of 2/3 shampoo with 1/3 moisturizing conditioner, rinse and reapply conditioner.


Leave the conditioner in while combing out hair with a wide tooth comb or vent brush starting at the bottom and working up each section. Rinse and style as usual.

These suggestions are important to extend the health and life of your hair. Remember to hold the weft in place at the scalp when brushing, or combing. This will keep your hair from any sort of stress, or alopecia traction.

NEVER CUT THE WIDTH OF A HAND TIED WEFT this is along the top where the threads are tied together, this is what is referred to as wefting. There is no problem cutting the length, but cutting the width will cause the weft to come apart. Special request if under 11" inches is required. The wefts are thin and folding over is an option.

When washing the hair squeeze the shampoo from top to bottom in the downward direction. A wide tooth comb or vent brush are suggested for combing the hair before rinsing out the moisturizing conditioner.

Before swimming, exercise, or sleeping be sure and brush all rows out thoroughly, be sure and use big braids. Remember to always wash hair thoroughly after swimming or spa. Most pools with chlorine are not recommended. It is very important not to mix unprocessed virgin hair with any hair you are not sure about..

*It is very important not to sleep on wet, or damp hair.

When styling, dampen and scrunch with a diffuser to bring back curls in wavy or curly hair. Comb through with fingers only as brushing tends to straighten the wefts. Flat irons, and curling irons both work well. Try to air dry whenever possible. These instructions are best for maintaining the life, and beauty of your new virgin hair. It is very important to shampoo your extensions before you install to make sure it is the length, and texture you ordered.

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